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Contrast EUS
Pancreatic tumors Gastric tumors


Lymph nodes Pancreas


    Interventional EUS
    EUS-guided FNA / core biopsy EUS-guided injection
    EUS-guided drainage EUS-assisted EMR / ESMR
    EUS-assisted rendez-vous


      Other applications
      Portal hypertension Vascular diseases
      Adrenal masses Abdominal masses
      Left liver lobe tumors


        Bile duct diseases
        Common bile duct stones Papillary tumors
        Cholangiocarcinoma Gallbladder diseases


        Pancreatic diseases
        Acute pancreatitis Chronic pancreatitis
        Pancreatic tumors


          Gastric diseases
          Portal hypertension Large gastric folds
          Gastric tumors


            Mediastinal diseases
            Mediastinal masses Lung cancer


            Esophageal diseases
            Portal hypertension Esophageal tumors


            Normal images
            Esophagus Stomach


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